Founded in the 1990s by Ugo Baroni, Baroni LabG is a Boutique amplificationW and effects pedal company based in Northern Italy. Pushed by a deep rooted love and passion for all things tone, Ugo began to experiment with blending different components and configurations together, aiming to produce the high quality, rich tones that make the electric guitar such a great instrument to listen to and play. Years of experience and an enthusiasm to create the best possible equipment has resulted in the first Baroni Lab amplifiers, the ‘BL’ series. These all tube vintage styled heads and combos were designed to encompass three of the most important aspects of a guitar amp; tonnes of crystal clean headroom, a blend of just the right even harmonics to make the tone rich and full and the ability to work comfortably together with different effects pedals.

Since then the Baroni Lab production has expanded to include a host of amplifiers for guitar and bass, as well as a selection of pre-amps and effects pedals covering everything from delay and modulation, through tube overdrive to all out saturated distortion.

Whatever your genre, we pride ourselves on being able to offer something for everyone.