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With two dedicated channels for clean/OD and Distortion and 80 watts of power, the BL80-GT is an all purpose guitar amp that has your back no matter what the gig.  Separate gin controls for each channel mean that you have full control over the levels of the amplifier.  Crank up the drive on the first channel to transition from defined, bright cleans to crunchy tube overdrive, or choose between mild distortion, heavy distortion and hell on Earth through the second channel.

The BL80-GT has a 12ax7 in the preamp stage to provide the classic vintage tone necessary for a high quality clean sound, as well as a cranked-amp natural overdrive, and the FET end stage provides all of the necessary power.

With its send and return loop, this amp is also very accommodating of external effects pedals, and XLR in addition to jack line outs from the pre amp section mean that it is easy to connect to mixers, PAs and any other kind of studio / sound reinforcement equipment you can think of.