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The 3D Master is not simply a series of amplifiers. It is a series of hardcore, ultra-versatile, monstrous tube tone production machines of the highest calibre. No matter what style of music you play, or which tone a song demands from you, the 3D Master will have your back. With a meticulously designed three channel setup, there is literally no amount of drive that these beasts cannot take in their stride. From super-clean chords brimming with harmonics that simply seem a match made in heaven, to white-hot solo tones so rich in sustain and distortion that they could make Van Halen sound like a folk guitarist, and everything in between. With two onboard toggle switches, as well as two separate sets of volume and gain controls, it is easy to balance and switch between the clean, OD and distortion tones of these amplifiers. Go from arpeggiated clean intros to crunchy power chord riffs and finally to heavily distorted solos as easily as counting from one to three. A channel selection foot switch can also be added to make transitions between the three even smoother. Should you indulge in one of these bad boys, be sure to wear tight shoes when you play, as the 3D master is guaranteed to rock your socks off.