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There is only one thing that beats a tube amp with great tone, and that’s a dual channel tube amp with great tone. Based around the clean sounds of the Custom BL series, the ‘Over’ series is available in both 20 and 40 watt versions. Each version has two separate channels – selectable via foot-switch or from the amp itself – for complete freedom and quick switching between different sounds on the fly. ‘Clean / OD’ brings all of the clean headroom you need for cascading, harmonic-rich notes and chords, but push those tubes into overdrive and it will give you a classic, edgy crunch sound reminiscent of the 1970s. The distortion channel is a complete monster. Perfect for heavy rock and balls-to-the-wall solos, it will saturate your tone in all of the right places with a thick helping of natural tube clipping. Each channel has its own dedicated volume and gain pots, so that you can set the two at unity volume for consistency, or bring one channel higher than the other to really make an impact for those solos.