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The Custom BL20D and BL40D are our own take on a vintage, clean, single channel tube amplifier. It’s sound is an amalgamation of the best of classic British cleans. It’s warm and fat yet bright, clear, dynamic and articulate with very well balanced harmonics.

The Custom D series amplifiers use 2 x 12ax7 and 1 x 12at7 tubes in the preamp and el84 power tubes. The 12at7 works in a phase inversion circuit which provides a substantial increase in clean headroom. Our 40w is comparable to 80w-100w from other leading manufacturers in regards to strong clean headroom.

This series of amps can be pushed into natural overdrive but only at extreme volumes. However they take effects pedals very well through the input and sound fantastic when being pushed over the edge with an overdrive or distortion pedal.

Using the high/low gain inputs, along with their highly responsive 3 band EQ, volume and presence controls many different clean sounds can be dialed in with ease.

Controls: Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Standby switch, Power switch, Line out volume control, 8/4 ohm selector switch
Power Output: 40W (RMS) into 8,4 Ohms
Voltage: 110-120v/220-230v, 50/60Hz

Size: 242*440*210 (mm)
Packing Size: 337*535*305 (mm)
Weight: 11.4 kg
Gross Weight: 10.1 kg


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