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The Baroni Lab Power Amps run in true stereo with independent inputs, outputs and volume controls for both left and right channels. This is where live guitar rig setups can become really fun and interesting.

• Connect the speaker outs to a single stereo speaker cab or connect it up to two separate speaker cabs for massive 3D effects.

• Hook up a Y splitter in front of 2 different preamps to get the awesome sound of 2 completely separate amp rigs running simultaneously side by side.

• Try running the Baroni Lab ‘Power Amp’ with all of your effects connected to one input and set 100% wet while the other input is connected to a completely dry preamp signal for epic, 3D and atmospheric guitar tones that remain strong and poignant.

• Breathe new life into your favorite all in one, multi effects guitar processor by connecting it, in stereo, directly to the inputs of the Baroni Lab ‘Power Amp’

Alternatively you can connect a single mono signal to stereo output using the left input jack.

We’ve also included a presence control to really dial in the power amps brightness and reaction making it versatile for any guitar rig.

The Power Amp is available in two different sizes; 40W (20w/20w) and 100W (50w/50w) which come as stock with 2 x 12ax7/ecc83, 2 x 12at7, 2 x el84 tubes and 2 x 12ax7, 2x 12at7, 4 x 6l6 tubes respectively. As with all of our amplifiers the power tubes can be individually biased and can be swapped out for any tubes of your choice that will fit, leaving you free to mix and match to your hearts content.

Try a Baroni Lab ‘POWER AMP’ together with the Baroni Lab all tube ‘Preamp Pedals’ for an unrivalled tube rig experience.


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