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Some guitar sounds are simply legendary, and the all American Californian clean is undeniably one of the most sought after.

The Baroni Lab ‘Custom Twin’ is our salute to the great American tone pioneers of the past. It’s a super clean, single channel tube amp with all the spank, jangle and twang you could ask for. It’s glassy clear with bright, shimmering highs and deep, snappy lows yet remains smooth, warm and inviting, never shrill. It’s a truly dynamic and responsive amplifier that really lays bare and exhibits the sound and feel of the guitarists fret-board. Even when pushed this amp just gets louder with more harmonic rich sustain and refuses to break up and become crunchy due to it’s high level of headroom.

The Custom twin series amplifiers use 2 x 12ax7 and 1 x 12at7 tubes in the preamp and el84 power tubes. The 12at7 works in a phase inversion circuit which provides a substantial increase in clean headroom. Our 40w is comparable to 80w-100w from other leading manufacturers in regards to headroom.

Creating super smooth rounded jazz tones, scooped mid based funk spank or head cutting blues twang is a breeze using the traditional 3 band eq, presence, twin volume and bright switch controls. We’ve also added a low/high gain dual input for even more variation when sculpting your sound.

Unlike some vintage amps, don’t worry about putting an overdrive or distortion into the input of this little gem. It loves drive pedals and some fantastic, origional sounds can be had with a little experimentation.

If you’re into jazz, soul, blues, funk, rock a billy, country, etc. You will love the sound of this amp and feel very inspired to play.

Controls: Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Bright switch, Standby switch, Power switch, Line out volume control, 8/4 ohm selector switch,Power Output: 120W (RMS) into 8,4 Ohms,Voltage: 110-120v/220-230v, 50/60Hz
packing Size(mm):375*618*333
Net Weight(kg):14.3,Gross Weight(kg):19.1


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