Based on one of the most popular and venerated distortion tones of all time, The Boutique Muff is all about raw, singing saturation.  Volume, drive, tone and mid boost provide a truly impressive range of tonal possibilities.

Click this bad boy out of bypass and even your clean channel will sound like a hot, overdriven tube amp.  This is ‘that sound’; heard on many platinum selling rock albums of the 70s and 80s.  Sounds thick and beautifully creamy by itself, but add a compressor in front and a chorus/delay combo behind and it’s a different story altogether.

Controls: Drive, Tone, Volume, Mid Boost switch, Bypass footswitch
Power Supply: 12V DC Power Adapter
Dimensions: 98(W) x 40/30(H:Top/Bottom) x 125(D) mm

Please Note: Our pedals only work with 12V. If you need a DC adapter, please buy in our accessories.

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