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Two Channel, “Twin Boost”

Specifications and Features

  • 12v External power
  • Controls
  • Switch On: This switch off is bypass. When on, it applies selected amount of boost up to 12db.
  • Mid-Boost Switch: This switch engages the mid-boost.
  • Mid-Boost Knob: This knob applies selected amount of mid-boost to only the mid-boost channel.
  • Volume: Adjusts the level of boost on either channel up to 12db
  • Input- Guitar Input

Amp: Sends signal to amp

The Baroni-Lab two channel Twin Boost is a must have for every guitarist; unique in that it is a two-channel booster with independent mid-boost controls. The Twin Boost allows up to 12db of boost on either channel. Boost cleans or mids by adding full rich tones to leads or bringing your amp to a roaring overdrive. Discrete analog circuitry and true bypass design maintain your tone. A must-have for any pedal board.


Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg