British tone is something of a staple in the history of rock music. Since the very first Brit pop rock bands of the 60s managed to move on from England’s green and pleasant pastures to conquer faraway lands over the Atlantic, the biting mid heavy sound of the British amplifier has held a soft spot in the heart of many a guitarist.

The V-tone 30 beautifully re-creates one of the most sought after British tones of the past. Full of high-end mids, the V-Tone 30 is incredibly easy to set up, with interdependent bass and treble pots and a master volume control. Great for aggressive, biting crunch sounds and sparkly, edgy cleans which are intensely responsive to pick attack and instrument level.

Keep calm and rock on!

Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble, Bypass switch
Power Supply: 12V DC Power Adapter
Dimensions: 98(W) x 40/30(H:Top/Bottom) x 125(D) mm

Please Note: Our pedals only work with 12V. If you need a DC adapter, please buy in our accessories.

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